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Write Controller


Ensure case evidence is protected using Write Controller to prevent drives from mounting and data being modified on them.

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Product Description

Write Controller™ is a software write blocker for preventing a Mac from automatically mounting volumes and therefore maintains the integrity of suspect data and provides a layer of protection when working with important information.

Download Write Controller here.
Download Write Controller here

Write Controller - Main Window of the software write blocker

Write Controller offers Mac forensic examiners increased security and flexibility in imaging evidence on their Mac workstation.

Whether at start-up or when connecting a suspect device via any data bus (FireWire, USB, ATA) on your Macintosh Workstation, OS X is notified and will immediately look for mountable partitions on the device.

In the process of finding and updating the arbitration tables on devices found and mounted, there runs the risk of writing to the devices and therefore tainting the evidence. MacForensicsLab Write Controller allows the user to enable and disable this automatic mounting and prevent accidental writing to a volume.

Write Controller Enable and Disable Write Blocking

Once automatic mounting has been disabled, the user may then connect a suspect device to their forensic workstation for imaging using applications such as MacImager or MacForensicsLab.

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or above
  • Intel based Macintosh


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