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Press Releases

Here’s a collection of our press releases.

MacForensicsLab 4.0 Released

MacForensicsLab 3.0 Released Inc. Announces MacForensicsLab Version 2.5 Inc. Announces the Release of the Windows Version of MacForensicsLab Version 2.5 Inc Announces MacForensicsLab for Linux and Windows and a Welcome New Staff Member

SubRosaSoft Announces MacForensicsLab 2.0 Inc. Releases MacLockPick 3.0

MacForensicsLab Inc. Releases MacLockPick 2.1

SubRosaSoft Ships MacLockPick Releases a White Paper on the Anatomy of Malware, Virus, Worm, and Trojan Threats to Mac OS X Inc. Announces MacForensicsLab Social Agent

MacForensicsLab Inc. Releases Free Tool for Investigating Crimes Against Children Inc. Releases MacForensicsLab Write Controller 1.0